Around Curacao in a Kia Picanto

Due to the high tourism in the island of Curacao, you may want a handsome look, you want sportiness, but you also want to fit in your sports gear. Small is beautiful, but you also want your friends along for the ride. Job done. The new Picanto gives you that other urban must-have–flexibility.

Built for you and the environment.

Get the blend of power and the economy you’re looking for and you’re on your way to optimum driving. The new Picanto does just that, with engines that meet or exceed every existing emissions standard.

We all know there are many activities and places in the island and you need to be prepared for it. The 60/40 split rear seat back is ideal when you need to carry unusual-shaped items (while still letting you carry three people of course). When it comes to sizeable loads, you can fold down both rear seats and make use of the extra space. Under the tailgate there’s 200 litres of luggage space – so your bags and shopping items are taken care of.



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