Curacao Car Rental Vs Public Transportation

When planning a trip to Curacao for the first time, you’ll have to decide whether it’s better to move around on public transport or renting a car. Some assume because Curacao is all shiny and posh, renting a car would cost a fortune. That’s not right at all.

Flexibility Obviously having your own car will allow you to stop by places spontaneously without relying on someone else.

See more With your own car, you can take trips that are outside of the predefined routes of public transport. This way you will see much more of Curacao.

Time When you drive your own car you don’t have to rely on public transport time schedules. You also don’t waste time queuing for taxis.

Cost In addition to the big international rental car companies (Hertz, Sixt, etc.), there are also plenty of local agencies. They are mostly reliable and offer great prices. Overall renting a car is fairly cheap.

So now you may be wondering… Does Curacao have Public Transportation?

Yes, public transportation is an option in Curacao. … This latter form of bus is called konvoi by locals in Curacao. There are two major bus terminals in Curacao, both of which are used by both type of bus. The first is located in Punda, near the post office.

And yes, Curacao also has Taxis, but they aren’t cheap.


Having your own vehicle is the best choice, mainly because of the flexibility and overall lower costs. This might change over the coming years when the public transport system is more developed.

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