The Advantages and Disadvantages of renting a car in Curaçao

Renting a car has become the most efficient means of transportation to explore the places you want in Curacao. To facilitate your adventure we will detail below the advantages and disadvantages of car rental.

Today we present our recommendation as we know that moving from one point to another becomes a challenge, since sometimes you can go over the street or take the bus with the wrong route. The solution of many today, is to access the rental service of a car, to thus develop in that place following their own criteria.

• The car is faster to reach a certain destination.
• The car is a convenient way, contrary to public transportation.
• Do not worry about car maintenance, rent a car because they will be in charge of everything.
• Payments are low, since you are paying rent, compared to buying a car.
• You can define your route and take alternative routes, unlike public transport.
• You can have a car that suits your tastes and needs.
• You will take a car that suits your tastes and needs anywhere in the world.
• Make a single investment and travel anywhere in the country.

• In public transport there is less risk of suffering an accident, technical failure or breakdown than in the car.
• Rental companies indicate how mileage can be driven; If you exceed the limit, you must pay a fine defined by the rental agency.
• To return the car must be in the same place where it was delivered, otherwise it will be a charge penalty for changing the place of delivery.
• Fuel is constantly changing price, so it can be very expensive.


Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, we know that you want to book your car with us and for your greater reach we have placed a reservation form in the sidebar, so book now and we will attend you at the moment.


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